9th International AHRA Conference
Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence
15–17 November 2012

Call for papers

The 2012 AHRA Conference Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University is both historical and contemporary in attempting to register transformations within architectural practice in relation to politics. Its scope extends from the dissident architects of the soviet bloc to contemporary critical spatial practices. We invite papers on and by architects, architectural theorists and also artists and filmmakers and other spatial practitioners that discuss or propose gestures of refusal that would be relevant for the field of architecture.

Papers might address the following themes and questions:

How can specific narratives of architectural dissent and their paradoxes be relevant today? +++ How can critique be mobilized through architecture, built, unbuilt or refused altogether? +++ How can we think of architectural practices as important vehicles of political action? Can architects challenge professional/political conventions, via the built, the drawn or the modelled? +++ How can we, using the concept of dissidence, understand, theorize and complicate the meaning of practice? +++ How can critical positions be part of a discussion in architectural education? +++ How has the figure of the dissident been used and mis-used by various regimes? How have dissidents of one regime become complicit to a new hegemony?


Deadline for abstracts of papers (500 words)
15 March 2012

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Please send proposals to:
Dr. Ines Weizman

Proposals in English of no more than 500 words including a title should summarize the subject and the premise. Please include name, professional affiliation (if applicable), address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and a current CV. Proposals and short CVs should be submitted by e-mail, including the text in both the body of the e-mail and in the attachment.